Student Testimonials


“StoryPathing has been an incredible outlet for me as an undergraduate. This process has truly changed how I view myself and encouraged me to tackle even my biggest dreams. It has challenged me to follow my heart, inspired me to foster even more grandiose goals, and established a sense of confidence in my personal abilities.

Though I had the chance to work through this process a year ago, it still continues to help me as I continue with my journey.

I am humbled and proud to say that StoryPathing and its incredible mentors have helped confirm my dreams of attending medical school. I highly recommend StoryPathing, regardless if you’re confused or confident, it will to give you such an incredible journey and truly identify your deepest passions. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for this process.”


“StoryPathing is an incredible program! I’m amazed by how much I was able to learn about myself through the course. As a recent college graduate, the online course was incredibly useful in helping determine what my next steps should be along with giving me the confidence to take them.

My personal narrative is something I’ll always be able to go back to, so I know that this experience will continue to help me in the future. I especially recommend this program to those going through a time of transition or decision, although I think that anyone out there could benefit from it!”


“StoryPathing has been an amazing experience for me thus far. It helped me to not only create a road map for the future but also high-lighted where, when, and how my past has played such a major role. To be the person I want to be in the future it is pivotal to map who I have been and can be; StoryPathing is my tour guide on that journey.”



“Story Pathing allowed me to fully engage in my plans for the future and to become more confident with my next steps in college and beyond. By crafting a congruent and fluid narrative I am now able to efficiently communicate to goals to others.

I have the found the ability to own my ‘personal story’ immensely beneficial and a gift that I will use for many years to come.”