StoryPathing™ for Young Adults

The Most Important Investment Parents Often Overlook.
Now, There’s a Proven Online Solution!

StoryPathing™ is a powerful, proven, step-by-step, online narrative and identity development process designed specifically for young adults.

StoryPathing™ reveals the future, today.
Students develop and learn to tell the guiding story of who he or she wants to become, what she’s doing to get there, and why this is important. All of which support college-prep interviews, entrance essays, school selection, and choice of major – or, on the flipside, the transition from college to work.

StoryPathing™ generates the confidence, clarity, and direction young adults must have to differentiate themselves, set themselves apart from the crowd, and to make real the
future she or he imagines.

StoryPathing challenges each student to articulate a desired, realistic, and attainable future via a structured, step-by-step process for examining life experiences and core values.StoryPathing™ is a facilitated and guided online program that is exciting, time-effective, and transformative. The skills learned are immediately and consistently applicable to all facets of a young adult’s life.

Since 1999, the process has been used to support the life and career stories of undergraduate and graduate students at Duquesne University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Roger Williams College. It also serves as a key component of executive coaching programs for leaders across the globe.

Examples of Students’ Own StoryPathing Stories