StoryPathing™ for Transitions

A Structured and Proven Online Process for Anyone Facing or in the Midst of a Transition or Creating the Next Chapter in Life.

StoryPathing for Transitions is engaging and proven online process that offers practical and self-defined pathways to the future for anyone in transition or facing a change. Participants emerge from the program with practical, career- and life- focused answers to fundamental questions of identity and meaning that naturally arise during a transition: What now? What’s next? Who do I want to be? What are my goals, dreams? How do I get to where I want to be?

StoryPathingfor Transitions structured learning process leads to clarity of direction and builds the personal confidence to get there. Participants identify the interconnected and complementary links to what they do and who they are across the spectrum of their lives. They then apply these insights and influences to clarify and guide career, job, and life choices by generating an honest and believable story—a Personal Narrative™—that fully serves to make a desired future, “the next chapter,” a practical and attainable reality.

StoryPathingfor Transitions is a facilitated and guided online program that is exciting, time-effective, and transformative. The skills learned are immediately and consistently applicable across all aspects of life. It is fully designed for anyone in the midst of or facing a change. It’s also useful to advance a career; recognize skills, talents and motivations; shift into a new role; or to gain the confidence and wherewithal to step out of the shadows and be seen.