StoryPathing™ for Professionals

A Structured and Proven Online Process for Developing Leaders by Developing Strong Identities.

StoryPathing™ for Professionals is a proven and structured online process that helps informal, formal, and emerging leaders as well as key contributors at all levels create a strong personal narrative and a vital sense of self-identity, which translates in leading as a way of living and working.

People follow leaders and engaged workers who have good stories and well-articulated identities. These leaders lead with a sense of confidence, tend to be extremely emotionally intelligent, respond—rather than react—to challenges and crisis, and coach and mentor from a place of personal strength and security.

Creative organizations seek individuals with well-defined stories because they understand that leadership and innovation are direct byproducts.

In short is leadership starts from the self. If your “leaders” don’t know who they are, how can you expect them lead others, or have others follow?

Why You will Benefit From StoryPathing™ for Professionals

StoryPathing™ for Professionals was developed as a practical and effective, facilitated and self-guided online tool to reveal the leadership, participative, and collaborative potential we all possess.

StoryPathing™ for Professionals helps

  • establish a concrete, affirming, realistic sense of identity and how it promotes leadership and organizational and personal success.
  • develop confidence, clarity, poise, and assuredness of purpose by understanding how and why you do what you do.
  • identify your work identity, the place where personal narrative intersects and complements organizational narrative.
  • understand the depth, breadth, scope of your abilities and talents and how they support and strengthen to your organizational role.
  • create a powerful narrative sets the stage for advancement, meaningful career-pathing, and inspired leading.

The Take-away

Organizations who invest in narrative identification set the stage for success by creating more focused and engaged workforces, have workers who have better job and organization fits, and who lead, follow, respond, and mentor as a matter of course.

Participants exit the process with an encompassing, empowering, and integrated sense of identity. This identity development is immediately applicable and relevant in every sphere of life and work. This powerful tool serves as a complement and keystone to all other development and technical skill-building activities and approaches.

The StoryPathing™ for Professionals process integrates skills, experience, talents, and the desire for success into a strong personal narrative that quick quickly pays off in inspired leading, improved performance, and add-value across the varied roles individuals play with the organization. These development efforts will lead reveal leaders who are highly valued assets to the organization and indispensible as colleagues.