Naridus offers a variety of workshops that develop leaders, strengthen identity, provide immediate noticeable and lasting positive change, and help ensure that you thrive in all that you do.

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories
A Structured Process of Leadership Development for Professional Women Who Want to Keep their Careers on Track

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories is for executives and mid-career leaders who want to ensure that they stay on track, for women moving into leadership roles, or for high-potential professional women. This workshop helps women come to see and believe in themselves as leaders. Strong Leaders, Strong Stories is designed to help women thrive in the workplace and beyond. It is designed for organizations that want to accelerate women’s careers, attract and develop highly talented women, or reconnect and reengage with their qualified, committed women.

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Leadership Starting from the Self
A Structured Process for Developing Leaders by Developing Strong Identities

Leadership Starting from the Self helps informal, formal, and emerging leaders as well as key contributors at all levels create a strong Personal Narrative and a vital sense of self-identity, which translates in leading as a way of living and working. The Leadership Starting from the Self process integrates skills, experience, talents, and the desire for success into a strong personal narrative that quickly pays off in inspired leading, improved performance, and added value across the varied roles individuals play within the organization. These development efforts will reveal leaders who are highly valued assets to the organization and indispensible as colleagues.

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Executive Educational Forum
Gender is a Strategic Business Concern, Not a Women’s Issue

Naridus Executive Educational Forums were developed for clients who want to integrate the full range of women’s talents into and throughout their organizations. The Forums steer executive participants to review and recognize how common perspectives, typical assumptions, and everyday practices concerning women and men can have an unintended stifling affect on a broad range of concerns such as recruiting and retention; market development and client acquisition; and creativity, innovation, teamwork and collaboration.

Furthermore, participants are presented the powerful business case for women that makes clear that gender is an absolute strategic business concern, not a women’s issue. Practical tips are presented on how recognizing different styles between men and women can foster immediate, positive change in the workplace. Participants will be asked to make a commitment to action. Participants leave the Forum with a clear message: to maintain the status quo in terms of gender is to limit success, growth, and opportunity.

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Executive Women’s Leadership Summit
A Structured Hands-On Gathering of Internal Stakeholders to Create the Future of a Women’s Network or Women’s Initiative

The Executive Women’s Leadership Summit presents an opportunity to tap the minds, beliefs, vision, hopes, dreams, talent, and energy of women leaders and internal stakeholder to truly determine, shape, and make real the intent for and affect of a women’s network or women’s initiative. This highly participative, working summit focuses on the best your organization can be. Participants do not dwell on problems, on the past, or what’s wrong but work in teams and groups to set sights on what should be and what can be. Participants bring their best to summit; it’s a summit where participants participate and take charge. As a result positive voices are heard and recognized; a clear, heartfelt, and practical imagination of and for the future it created; and a tangible plan for action is crafted.

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From Perfection to Passion
A Structured Process for Any Woman Who Wants to Reclaim, Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Renew Her Life, Passions, Career, and Future

This process helps a woman contextualize and integrate her talents in terms of the many roles she is asked to play across the spectrum of her life. Participants reclaim a sense of passion, engagement, vitality, confidence, and power. Participants exit the program with hands-on access to the enormous influence they possess and a plan by which to exercise this sway across all facets of life.

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Personal Narrative Process
A Structured Process to Cultivate a Meaningful and Purposeful Life

The Personal Narrative Process is for anyone—at any stage of life or career—who wants to make the most out of life, relationships, passions, aspirations, and talents. The process can focus on work, living, transition, spirit, change, or any starting point of personal or professional concern.

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Ingenious Workplace
Educational and Motivational workshop (two hour, half or full day) of the Ingenious Workplace paradigm and its inspiring imagination of the future.

Learn how:

  • the workplace is best understood as a social structure—a work community;
  • that organizational culture is created through the company’s story;
  • and individuals are at their best when their desires to contribute to something greater than themselves intersects with the organization’s story.

This dynamic presentation/workshop generates exciting possibilities for organizational change and rejuvenates participants’ creative engagement in their workplace.

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Work Identity
Educational and Motivational workshop (two hour, half or full day) presentation of Work Identity: Concept & Application.

Work is a major part of life. An individual’s identity at work is both personally significant and important to the success of her or his organization. In this interactive presentation learn that a vital and energized Work Identity arises from the dynamic interchange between an individual’s personal narrative and her or his organization’s story (related to what is traditionally recognized as job and organizational fit).

Also learn about the three interconnected components of a Work Identity: Technical Expertise (what the individual contributes to generating products/services), Organizational Role (the part the individual plays in her or his organization’s story), and Interpersonal Style (how the individual relates with others).  Participants leave the presentation with an evaluation of their present Work Identity, and a clear direction for skill development & career planning.

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