From Perfection to Passion™

From Perfection to Passion is an upbeat, engaging, and interactive presentation that encourages women to see themselves from a different and inspiring and empowering perspective. The audience explores the shift from living a life clouded by the pressures to be perfect, to one where women define or reclaim the passion that makes life and work rich with meaning. Through story, anecdote, and short exercises participants come to understand how to stave off the craziness of trying to be perfect—those places where she loses herself and rather begins to stand in the richness of her passions. Each participant learns how to rely on her story to become the person she would like to be, comes to acknowledge and believe in the enormous influence she possesses, and leaves understanding how to use her story to exercise positive sway across all facets of life.  Leadership, entrepreneurial vision, transitional change follow.

Ultimately this keynote is about discovering, reclaiming, and embracing the callings and activities that bring value and color across the spectrum of life.

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Thriven: Talent Is Not the Issue, It’s Commitment

We often encounter amazingly talented people—at work and in day-to-day life—who are not thriving, who seemingly can’t find their niche, or who struggle to integrate the scope and breadth of their abilities in ways that bring out the best in others or the best in themselves. Why is this? Is there anything to be done?

This upbeat and inspirational keynote offers a practical and commonsense explanation to this perplexing concern and a pathway to become Thriven—living a thriving life driven by a clear, committed vision of the future. In a concise, step-by-step manner learn how commitment is a byproduct of a strong sense of identity; a strong sense of identity is the result of a well-defined self-narrative; and a well-defined narrative the keystone to identify and claim passions and to configure life in ways that are rich with purpose, direction, and meaning.

The take-away: Passion-driven purpose and direction give rise to commitment and hence the focus and resolve to work relentlessly to disclose talent and evoke a genuine life from the deep reservoir of possibilities—the hallmarks of being Thriven.

Thriven people grasp, seize, and apply their talents and passions in ways that give meaning and purpose to what they do in all aspects of living, and apply their self-narrative in ways that allow others to scale to new heights of commitment.

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Gender is a Strategic Business Concern, Not a Women’s Issue

It’s important for any organization to realize how unquestioned assumptions about women affect decision-making—which in turn influence organizational, individual, and team success. Too often, without realizing it senior leaders close off women, mistake their potential and capabilities, and misinterpret behaviors and engagement because of unintended stereotyping and culturally generated blind spots.

Along with this, it is a strategic urgency to recognize an economic sea change—the sheer power of the women’s marketplace. Women command larger and larger portions of the American and global economies. With this power comes power. The power to influence not only purchasing decisions but also how and where women choose to work and with what kinds of companies they choose to do business. Women are changing business inside and out. Smart leaders recognize this and are planning for future success by changing their cultures today.

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Cultivating Business without Golf Balls or Cold Calls:
Women’s Networks & Philanthropy

Women network differently than men. It’s often more subtle and wrapped around events and intent that promote long-term relationships. Women imagine activities through which relationships are woven and connections sustained. Such ways to network stand apart from the rule-bound, competitive situations that provide a mode of connection in which men thrive. Women experience success and find fulfillment in maintaining rich webs of relationships where everybody wins.

More and more, women are finding creative and innovative ways to build successful, client-cultivating activities that are not focused on golf balls or cold calls. This participative session or keynote investigates how philanthropic and/or social networking activities offer forums to attract, nurture, and develop clients in settings where women feel comfortable, where their natural talents shine, and where they build lucrative and meaningful relationships.

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Workplace Cultures that Value and Welcome Women’s Talents and Perspectives

No matter how much talent a woman has or how hard she works, if the organization does not have a culture that embraces diversity—rather than merely tolerating it—then she, and the organization, are destined for failure. Naridus provides organizational design insights that offer an alternative perspective on how to energize and strengthen the way companies do business in this emerging Creative Age. A narrative-based model for culture development, which serves as a remedy for everyday workplace maladies such as rampant inefficiencies, loss of common sense, an overabundance of rules, low morale, deficit-based thinking, lost initiative, reactive management, and meaningless mission statements. Naridus perspectives provide a pathway and a blueprint for positive change and success.

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Leadership in a Changing World—Starting from the Self

As the global economy moves from the Era of Information to a new Creative Age we are experiencing a dramatic transformation in the way we work and the very ways business gets done. In the midst of this change, individual success depends on identifying, mastering, and performing a whole new configuration of workplace skills and sensibilities. In this provocative presentation, learn the “what” of the nature of this contextual change, the fundamental importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and the “how” of the essential ability to align design with intent, and the necessary skill of communicating vital information in meaningful stories, and the critical capacity to have “hard fun” in the workplace.

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