Strong Leaders / Strong Stories™

—A structured process of leadership development for women who want to keep their careers on track

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories is for executives and mid-career leaders who want to ensure that they stay on track, for women moving into leadership roles, or for high-potential women.

Leadership development is at heart a process of identity development. Strong leaders have strong stories—a strong sense of self as a leader. This development process helps women come to see and believe in themselves as leaders.

Too often strong women view themselves or are perceived by others as very effective executors and implementers, not as a valuable strategic resource. Strong leaders, Strong Stories provides a fundamental shift in the way a woman understands herself. The goal is help her value, apply, and demonstrate the full range of her talents and abilities.

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories is specifically designed to help women thrive in strong leadership roles within very demanding organizations.

Why Women Benefit From Strong Leaders, Strong Stories

Women face distinct challenges as they develop a career—a lack of role models, the absence of formal and informal networks, and a career path that tends to be more complex than those of men. Men want to succeed; women want to thrive.

Women also tend to juggle multiple and often conflicting roles that expand across the gamut of their work and personal lives. Subsequently, women have different career motivators, goals, and aspirations than men. Women place a different value on stable relationships, connecting to colleagues, being recognized by bosses, and giving back to the community.

As a result, highly talented women become amazingly good at getting things done. They hold a deep-rooted belief that if they just work hard they will be rewarded, promoted, and recognized. Strong Leaders, Strong Stories helps women understand that playing this “happy helper” role will not serve them well in the long run.

The program is intended to help a woman realize the depth and breadth of her talents, come fundamentally to believe in herself as a leader and to recognize the importance of building alliances, networking, managing up, and developing executive presence.

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories was developed to help a women negotiate the individual and organizational obstacles she faces as she manages her career.

The Take-away

A participant comes to see and understand herself as a leader. She comes to realize how her business potential and her organizational role integrate, support, and complement the broad scope of her individual identity. These insights are empowering and promote action-oriented change.

Participants become less apprehensive, more decisive, better collaborators, and more receptive to coaching and mentoring.  They become ready to assume a leadership role or to take their leadership potential to a new level. In either case, as she becomes more deeply rooted in her leadership identity she becomes less reactive and more confidently responsive to the day-to-day challenges she faces as a valued strategic resource.

Strong Leaders, Strong Stories is designed to help women thrive. It is designed for organizations that want to accelerate women’s careers, attract and develop highly talented women, and reconnect and reengage with their qualified, committed women.

Experience the power of Strong Leaders, Strong Stories via a Keynote, Workshop, or Coaching, or KeyTreat™.

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