Executive Educational Forum

—Gender is a Strategic Business Concern, Not a Women’s Issue

It’s important for any organization to realize how unquestioned assumptions about women affect decision-making—which in turn influence organizational, individual, and team success. Too often, without realizing it senior leaders close off women, mistake their potential and capabilities, and misinterpret behaviors and engagement because of unintended stereotyping and culturally generated blind spots.

Along with this, it is a strategic urgency to recognize an economic sea change—the sheer power of the women’s marketplace. Women command larger and larger portions of the American and global economies. With this power comes power. The power to influence not only purchasing decisions but also how and where women choose to work and with what kinds of companies they choose to do business. Women are changing business inside and out. Smart leaders recognize this and are planning for future success by changing their cultures today.

Why You Will Benefit From the Executive Leadership Forum

Participants come to see:

  • the powerful business case for women and how this will affect their organizations.
  • how unquestioned assumptions about gender and power play out in the day-to-day decisions we make.
  • the broad and applicable value of understanding, appreciating, and welcoming the perspectives, insights, and ingenuity women offer to the overall success and growth of the organization.
  • pathways and actions for an immediate and lasting affect on the workplace and  company culture.

The Take-away

Naridus Educational Forums were developed for clients who want to integrate the full range of women’s talents into and throughout their organizations. The Forums steer executive participants to review and recognize how common perspectives, typical assumptions, and everyday practices concerning women and men can have an unintended stifling affect on a broad range of concerns such as recruiting and retention, market development and client acquisition, and creativity, innovation, teamwork and collaboration.

Furthermore, participants are presented the powerful business case for women that makes clear that gender is an absolute strategic business issue not a women’s issue. Practical tips are presented on how recognizing different styles between men and women can foster immediate, positive change in the workplace. Participants are asked to make a commitment to action. Participants leave the Forum with a clear message: to maintain the status quo in terms of gender is to limit success, growth, and opportunity.

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