Innovative Women’s Leadership and Gender Efforts for Law Firms

Earlier this week the Post-Gazette highlighted the Allegheny County Bar Association (ACBA) for giving Top Priority to gender and diversity concerns in the local legal community. We’ve had the good fortune to be part of this important work and would like to throw kudos to the ACBA’s Institute for Gender Equality, lead by Linda Varrenti Hernandez.

The Institute provides an innovative approach to change and gender initiatives by offering workshops and classes to decision-makers and practitioners that promote both hands-on and structural change.

We were asked to bring thought leadership to the decision-making side of the curriculum. We reframed the gender question from a women’s issue to a business imperative—Gender is a Strategic Business Concern, Not a Women’s Issue. In making a strong business case for women, managing partners came to understand how unquestioned assumptions about women, leadership, and workplace best-practices affect decision making, the ability to attract, develop, and retain high-quality female talent, and ultimately the growth and sustainability of their firms in a quickly changing and highly dynamic marketplace.

Congratulations to the Allegheny County Bar Association for it top-priority efforts.

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