Narrative for Success

To develop the creative, communicative, and collaborative culture demanded in today’s highly complex and rapidly changing business environment, it is imperative that you clarify why your organization exists. You need a powerful story that articulates this fundamental intention, narrates how it has unfolded over time, and uses it to generate a compelling future. You need a Narrative for Success.

A Narrative for Success is an organizational story that provides a common heritage that you can rely on and a collective vision to guide you. It is an easily understood story that everyone in an organization knows, tells, and feels part of. A Narrative for Success gets everybody on the same page by generating a genuine, community identity focused on what the organization does (products/services), how it does it (processes and common practices), and who people are when they do it (roles).

An organization’s Narrative for Success sets the stage for developing strong working relationships among participants. It generates a sense of shared purpose and common goals that provide a frame of reference for all of the organization’s activities. Communication, cooperation, and committed involvement all flow out of a genuine and moving organizational story—your Narrative for Success.

Your organization’s story, when crafted into a Narrative for Success, becomes the wellspring of your mission, vision, and values…the source of motivation and inspiration for common success. Our proven process brings participants together for one or two day sessions to collect and craft a credible, dynamic organizational story, its own unique Narrative for Success that all participants can believe in and “own.”

Our highly effective, time-efficient process includes pre-session interviews with key individuals, review of relevant company materials, and an informational survey to be completed by organization members.

A Narrative for Success is key to creating a work community with a culture of Business Ingenuity™—where routine operations go exceptionally well, and excellence and innovation are routine. Business Ingenuity emerges as an organization learns to rely on its Narrative for Success to set priorities and make decisions, establish relationships with vendors and partners, market its products, and provide customer service.  The organization prospers on the strength and reality of its story.

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