Ingenuity Assessment

What kind of culture does your organization have?  Is it the right culture for your organization’s success? Do you have a vibrant work community? Do you have the kind of organization that fosters the engaged participation, ongoing communication, and intelligent cooperation necessary to succeed in the 21st century? We help you answer these questions by appraising your organization’s culture and current state of operation.

The benchmark for the assessment is Business Ingenuity—routine operations go exceptionally well, and excellence and innovation are routine. Surveys, group sessions, and individual interviews examine three areas fundamental to promoting  Business Ingenuity: Cohesion: how the organization is held together, Direction: how the organization responds to challenges and opportunities, and Coordination: how the organization keeps things in synch.

Our empirical, qualitative process generates concrete documentation of your workplace culture in each of the above listed areas.  These finding are then used to determine your organization’s “Ingenuity Quotient™.” The assessment can stand-alone or be accompanied by specific proposals for organizational development.

Our Ingenuity Assessment has immediate benefits for any organization. By soliciting broad participant involvement in the assessment process, leadership demonstrates organizational values of openness and commitment to improvement. Participants’ constructive responses and honest input reflects their commitment to the organization’s success. Everyone gains when the organization creates an opportunity to move in a positive direction based on the Ingenuity Assessment’s objective, detailed information regarding the state of its culture.

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