Areas of focus
The Ingenious Workplace paradigm has been successfully utilized with firms in the IT arena, educational institutions, non-profit community organizations, and we have partnered with university and community business development centers to provide motivational seminars, skill-building trainings, and organizational development workshops. The Ingenious Workplace paradigm has also been taught at the graduate level in Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement, and Department of Psychology.

What size businesses?
Any size business can benefit from our Educational and Motivational Workshops. In offering a realistic alternative to top-down, mechanistic organizational design, our Ingenious Workplace presentation generates exciting possibilities for organizational change and encourages staff participation. Staff members leave our Work Identity presentation with an evaluation of their present job fit, and a renewed sense of direction for skill development & career planning.

Ideal organizational clients
Ideal organizational clients are small to medium businesses from start-ups to companies with 300 employees. That said, our services are well suited to organizational divisions of any size given they have relative autonomy. We also can supply target companies a number of cost sensitive, custom offerings to develop the skills and create the organizational norms that support Business Ingenuity™.

Venture capitalists
We offer venture capitalists a unique start-up organizational planning guide for optimized efficiency at new ventures. Ingenious Workplace organizational development aligns a start-up’s culture with its business intent, and ensures that organizational design gets the same kind of serious attention as the business plan. We can help systematically identify essential organizational knowledge and generate vital organizational practices including: Values, Roles and Responsibilities; Success Measures; Behavior and Communication Norms.

A Narrative for Success™ has “global” benefits for nonprofit organizations A nonprofit’s single greatest asset is its story. A compelling organizational story is the most effective, genuine, and captivating way that people come to understand the importance and value of your nonprofit’s mission. Your story, when crafted into a Narrative for Success helps attract board members, donors, employees, volunteers, and clients.

Educational institutions
Our approach helps create compelling visions for learning communities from individual schools and school districts to colleges and technical schools. Educational institutions benefit from collecting and crafting their story into a Narrative for Success that generates solidarity among primary stakeholders including faculty, administrators, and boards.

Leaders, individuals in transition
We provide coaching for leaders at any level, including but not limited to senior personnel, as well as for individuals in transition. Our Work Identity Coaching increases motivation, sharpens discipline, clarifies goals, and generates a concrete sense of what one can and wants to contribute in the workplace. Our performance enhancing Ingenuity Coaching can be offered on an at-need basis or on regular intervals.

Contact us for more information on how capture and apply your organization’s narrative for positive change.