Educational and Motivational Workshops

Ingenious Workplace™ presentation
Educational and Motivational workshop (two hour, half or full day) presentation of the Ingenious Workplace paradigm and its inspiring imagination of the future.

The reign of mechanistic organizations is over. Hear about an alternative yet common-sense way of understanding and designing an organization: a work community that is bound together in a common narrative and engaged in entrepreneurial innovation.

Learn how:

  1. the workplace is best understood as a social structure—a work community;
  2. that organizational culture is created through the company’s story; and
  3. individuals are at their best when their desires to contribute to something greater than themselves intersects with the organization’s story.

This dynamic presentation generates exciting possibilities for organizational change and rejuvenates participants’ creative engagement in their workplace.

Work Identity presentation
Educational and Motivational workshop (two hour, half or full day) presentation of Work Identity: Concept & Application.

Work is a major part of life. An individual’s identity at work is both personally significant and important to the success of her or his organization. In this interactive presentation learn that a vital and energized Work Identity arises from the dynamic interchange between an individual’s personal narrative and her or his organization’s story (related to what is traditionally recognized as job and organizational fit).

Also learn about the three interconnected components of a Work Identity: Technical Expertise (what the individual contributes to generating products/services), Organizational Role (the part the individual plays in her or his organization’s story), and Interpersonal Style (how the individual relates with others).  Participants leave the presentation with an evaluation of their present Work Identity, and a clear direction for skill development & career planning.