Ingenious Workplace

The Ingenious Workplace paradigm offers an alternative model that aligns organizational culture with your business intent thereby fostering the engaged participation, ongoing communication, and intelligent cooperation required for success in today’s challenging market and institutional environments.

The Ingenious Workplace is part of a “narrative revolution” in organizational design—a radical conceptual shift from the flawed command-and-control model of mechanistic, hierarchical organization that arose during the Industrial Age.

A narrative focus allows you to develop an energized and disciplined work community that is an antidote to the array of structurally induced maladies inherent in the still common machine-model of organizational design: entrenched inefficiencies, overabundance of rules, low morale and high turn over, deficit-based thinking, lost initiative, and reactive management.

The narrative revolution makes the input-output model of organizational design as antiquated as the idea of a flat Earth. The Ingenious Workplace paradigm offers a better—more effective and productive—way to do business. Incorporating the concepts of the Ingenious Workplace paradigm provides profound opportunities for change and significant rewards by any and all measures of success—enhanced profit, improved employee satisfaction, and strengthened client and vendor relations.

Developing your organization into a narrative-based work community can make your day-to-day operations run exceedingly well and promote a dynamic culture in which excellence and innovation are routine. This is the payoff what we term Business Ingenuity™.

The Ingenious Workplace paradigm emerges from the realization that organizations are social structures or work communities—more akin to families, tribes, and teams than to machines like computers. It opens alternatives for organizational development that promote and sustain the productive human factors deaden and dulled in the machine model—the initiative, cooperation, creativity, and satisfaction of work at its best.

In the Ingenious Workplace paradigm, an organization’s story provides the foundation for building an effective work community. Like any community, work communities are a web or network of relationships that operate within a shared context of essential knowledge and on-going communication. It’s the organization’s story, when crafted into a genuine and compelling Narrative for Success, which sets the stage for work relationships and generates the community’s shared context of knowledge and communication.

In a vibrant and productive work community, “how the business works” makes sense because everybody knows the story—the Narrative for Success that communicates the organization’s vision, values, norms, and measures of success. Not only is everybody on the same page, the “work that the business does” becomes hard fun because participants are able to fully exercise their skills and talents in service to the organization’s common goals and intent. They are empowered to take-up dynamic and fulfilling roles in the organization’s story. Business Ingenuity flourishes.

Bottom line in the Ingenious Workplace paradigm: when your business’ story articulates a compelling organizational identity, you attract and retain talent, appeal to customers, and generate success in the market.

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