Executive Women’s Leadership Summit

— A structured hands-on process for internal stakeholders to imagine and create the future.

The Executive Women’s Leadership Summit presents a positive and powerful opportunity to help shape, determine, and make real the intent for an internal women’s network, generate strategy and action for an organizational women’s initiative, or to restart, reenergize, or reconstitute a previous initiative that may have lost steam.

It is a structured, hands-on working summit for positive voices. The goal of the summit is to bring stakeholders together to create a work environment and culture where the skills, assets, talents, insights, and imaginations of women flourish and support everyday success.  The focus is on the future, on what should be, and what can be done now to make that future a reality. Summit participants construct a tangible and practical plan for action, complete with internal champions, individual commitments to personal and group change, and a strategy to convey the energy and insights gained during the summit throughout the organization.

Why You Will Benefit From the Executive Women’s Leadership Summit

Women are an ever-growing force in the marketplace and the workplace. Attentive organizations realize that women play a key strategic role in current and future success. The Executive Women’s Leadership Summit will help your organization ensure that it thrives in the economic sea change that is occurring and that establish the foundation for the future by attracting, developing, retaining, and reclaiming the best women talent.

Beyond bringing economic clout to the marketplace, women supply unique sets of skills and traits to the workplace that facilitate teambuilding, communications, collaboration, mentoring, innovation, client development, and community outreach. The Executive Women’s Leadership Summit will help ensure that your organization integrates these sought-after, prized attributes and competencies into the fabric of your culture.

The Take-away

The Executive Women’s Leadership Summit was developed for clients who want to integrate the full range of women’s talents into and throughout their organizations. The Summit provides a forum to gather the best your talent has to provide, to gain organizational and individual commitment to change, and to hit the ground running by focusing on positive, immediate, and tangible changes that can be made in the short run, geared to build momentum and ongoing transformation.

Furthermore, because the Summit is extremely hands on, participants come to know on another across organizational roles and functions. The positive, collaborative nature of the summit ensures that all voices are heard, and that participants learn, share, and collect what is meaningful and important in terms of business success. The Summit offers a pathway to both honest, creative organizational change and individual development that is self-organizing and synergistic. The positive affects of the Summit will be felt across the organization for years to come.

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