Ingenious Women

Pathway: Women’s Leadership Development
and Gender as a Strategic Business Concern

Ingenious Women pathways are designed to address the unique and specific challenges women face in today’s topsy-turvy world.

We offer identity and leadership development for women who participate in demanding workplaces. We provide executive educational forums that present concerns about gender as strategic business concern, not a women’s issue.

The intent of our Ingenious Women offerings is to prepare women to take on, embrace, and thrive in and through important strategic and leadership roles, and to ensure that senior leaders realize how unquestioned assumptions about women and leadership often inhibit organizational individual, and team success.

Women exit our programs with a clear understanding of their skills and talents, clarity of purpose, and a renewed commitment to living & work that guide them to greater heights an broader influence.  Senior leaders exit our educational forums with new perspective on both individual and organization inhibitors to women’s success in the workplace.

Smart organizations call on Naridus because they recognize the growing strategic importance of women in the workplace and marketplace.

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