Talk to Your Future, Now!™—Young Adult Transition Program

The World Opens When You Have A Story To Tell

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I Know My Story. I know Where I’m Going. I Have a Leg Up On The Future!

Talk to Your Future, Now!™ is a visionary process that is concrete, hands-on, and life changing. It has immediate applicability for

    1. High school students preparing for the transition to higher education, or
    2. College or university students transitioning to the work world

who wish not only to stand out from the crowd, but to have clarity and confidence about where they’re headed and why.

This proven narrative, identity and story development program challenges students to articulate a desired, realistic, and attainable future via a structured, step-by-step process of examining their present life-practices and their background life-story.

Talk to Your Future, Now!™ is a 5-step, face-to-face process that serves to have each student build the Naridus 5Rs of Identity and Narrative development: Reflect, Reveal Recognize, Recount, Retell. The process is exciting, flexible, transformative, and immediately applicable to all facets of a young adult's life.

“Talk to Your Future, Now!”™ is a proven 5-step, face-to-face process through which the student develops and builds her or his future story through the Naridus 5Rs of Identity and Narrative development: Reflect, Reveal Recognize, Recount, Retell. The process is exciting, flexible, transformative, and immediately applicable to all facets of the young adult’s life.

Drawing on these twin strands of lived experience, the program develops the narrative building blocks each student will need to articulate the vision of a chosen future, complete with the pathways to make that future real based on experiences, skills, and beliefs that provide meaning to the future and the sense-making to do what she or he needs to do to pursue this path.

Talk to Your Future, Now! can be experienced individually or in small group.  (currently only conducting the program in face-to-face settings.



Tangible and Practical Take-away Tools
That the Young Adult Immediately Applies:

deep listening

Hands-on, Practical, Growth-focused. Students practice telling and listening to one another’s stories.

    • “I Will” Statement of Intent
    • Realistic Story of Individual Identity
    • A Set of Story Building Blocks
    • Situational Story-telling Telling Tools
    • “What I Believe” Chart
    • “My Skills” Inventory
    • “My Style” Assessment

Students Also Leave Talk To Your Future, Now! Prepared With:

  • A believable, personal narrative—their Story!— that articulates a realistic future, based on actual experiences and interests, to provide a focused sense-making basis for what they are doing in the present.
  • Grounded confidence in who they are, as they step into and navigate their future.
  • A sense of direction that is lucidly articulated, founded in reality, and responsive to opportunities and challenges.
  • A rich understanding of how their skills, beliefs, values, and interpersonal style integrate with and complement one another—revealing a strong individual identity that is connected to a shared past and a unique possible futures.
  • Talk to Your Future, Now_group

    “Talk to Your Future, Today!”™ generates the confidence, clarity, and direction young adults must have to differentiate themselves and to make real the future she or he imagines.

    A coherent, polished narrative/story that helps others in their world recognize, support, and promote their potential.

  • Clarity and certainty that they’re investigating, selecting, and applying to colleges/universities/programs/jobs that are well suited to them.

Talk to Your Future, Now!
is a powerful hands-on and interactive narrative and identity coaching for young adults. Develop and tell the story of who you are to support college-prep interviews, entrance essays, and school selection. Also perfect for those preparing to transition from college or university into the work world.

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