Personal Narrative Process

—A structured process to cultivate a meaningful & purposeful life.

The Personal Narrative Process offers a powerful, affirming way to examine your life, reflect on the deeper dimensions of your experience, respond to your unique callings, and actively become whom you want to be.

The Personal Narrative Process is for individuals who want to thrive, who want to live an engaged, meaningful life, and who want their skills, abilities, and influence to integrate and complement every sphere of living. Become more resolute and find greater enjoyment, significance, and purpose in the things you do and the responsibilities, tasks, and activities you undertake.

The Personal Narrative Process is for anyone—at any stage of life or career—who wants to make the most out of life, relationships, passions, aspirations, and talents. The process can focus on work, living, transition, spirit, change, or any starting point of personal or professional concern.

Why You will Benefit From the Personal Narrative Process

The Personal Narrative Process was developed specifically to respond to challenges people face in our hectic, fast-paced, multi-demand world.

The Take-awayPersonal Narrative Process will help you:

  • establish a concrete, affirming, and realistic sense of your identity.
  • develop a clear, inspiring, and actionable sense of the future.
  • integrate and provide continuity to the various phases and chapters of your life.
  • clarify values and focus personal and professional goals.
  • create a guiding story of who you are, have been, and will become.
  • understand, appreciate, and communicate the depth, breadth, scope of your abilities and your talents.

The Take-away
Participants exit the process with an encompassing, empowering, and integrated sense of identity. Within the context of a Personal Narrative the events of life and work take on renewed and reinforced meaning and relevance. The Personal Narrative generated is immediately and consistently applicable and relevant in every sphere of life and work. This powerful guide to living serves as a complement and keystone to current and future development and growth activities across the spectrum of living, whether they are professional, personal, or spiritual.

The process is highly practical, personalized, and transformative. Participants directly examine concrete aspects of their lives, identify, integrate, and narrate the chapters of their lives into a cohesive, believable, and inspirational story that provides sense-making, meaning, and a path to positive change in the way they work, lead, and live.

The Personal Narrative generated provides solid ground from which to make informed decisions and smart choices, and provides the means to respond—rather than react—to the challenges of living well.

Ultimately the experience is about discovering, reclaiming, and embracing the callings and activities that bring value and color to living.

Experience the power of the Personal Narrative Process via a Keynote, Workshop, or Coaching.

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