From Perfection to Passion™

—A structured story and narrative development process for any woman who wants to reclaim, rejuvenate, revitalize and renew her life, passions, career, and future.

From Perfection to Passion is for women who are independently driven, who seek to lead by example, who have multiple responsibilities, and who often mentor and develop others.

Women emerge From Perfection to Passion with a clear and strong sense of individual identity—knowing who they are, why they do the things they do, and why work may be such an integral part of whom they want to be. The process helps women reapproach work and daily living from a passion-filled, inspiring, refreshing, and empowering perspective.

Participants develop greater confidence and become more resolute, which helps them be more engaged and attuned to the numerous tasks for which they take responsibility. And, importantly, a woman leaves the program with an integrated understanding of the depth, breadth, and scope of her abilities and her talents.

Why Women Benefit From Perfection to Passion

The From Perfection to Passion process was developed to respond to specific challenges women face in the modern work world. These challenges are generally different than those facing most men.

Women get caught in the dilemma of being savvy business people while simultaneously shouldering multiple, demanding roles—spouse, breadwinner, caregiver, mentor…. For all her resilience, tough mindedness, independence, and ingenuity, a woman often finds herself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stretched thin. This leads to exhaustion, a loss of focus, missed opportunities, or worse, an undermining of her confidence, her abilities, and her talent.

The From Perfection to Passion process recognizes these challenges and helps time-pressured women understand and address the real-world affects of shifting and often conflicting demands, the want to be perfect, and the need to be everything to everyone.

The Take-away

A participant comes to see and understand herself and her skill sets differently and more clearly. More so, she comes to see how her passions and callings support and complement the broad scope of her personal identity. The process helps a woman contextualize and integrate her talents and aspirations in terms of the many roles she is asked to play across the spectrum of her life. These revelations are empowering and promote action-oriented change.

Participants reclaim a sense of passion, engagement, vitality, confidence, and power. Participants exit the process with hands-on access to the enormous influence they possess and a means by which to exercise this sway across all facets of life.

Ultimately the experience is about discovering, reclaiming, and embracing the callings and activities that bring value and color in every spectrum of life and work.

Experience the power of From Perfection to Passion via a Keynote, Workshop, or Coaching, or Keytreat™.

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