Engaged Living

Pathway: Personal Growth, Leadership and Professional Development, Women’s/Men’s Identity Development, Transition Support, and Actions for Immediate and Lasting Change

Engaged Living is life as you want to live it. A life rich with meaning. A life guided by clarity of purpose. A life where you exercise your skills and talents in service to being and becoming who you want to be. Live a life of confidence and resilience. A life of action, of doing. A life that inspires and motivate others to their best. Engaged Living is the examined life worth living.

Regardless of where you find yourself—in transition, mid-career, Boomer, Gen-Xer, or just looking for a richer way of living—Naridus programs and services facilitate Engaged Living. Our practical and effective offerings will lead you to (1) examine your life, (2) recognize and appreciate the activities and interests that are meaningful and motivating, (3) identify the full stock of your skills and talents, (4) connect the dots to a future that is realistic and inspiring then (5) put this understanding into action with immediate and positive consequence across the spectrum of your life.

In short, you will come to thrive in all that you do.

Engaged Living Pathways: Personal Narrative Processjkf One-day Narrative Immersionjkf lFrom Perfection to Passion
Live • More • Better!™ Thrive.