Thrive in All You Do

Thrive in all that you do. This is our over-arching Naridus message. Thrive captures our way of looking at living and leading. Whether is women’s leadership development, gender concerns, individual development, organizational change, or executive coaching, we intend to help you thrive. Thrive means to “flourish, to grow, to prosper.”  In its original, root meaning, thrive means “to grasp, to catch sight of oneself.” Providing pathways to catch sight of and act on your possibilities is the intent of all Naridus processes, programs, coaching, and keynotes.

Our approaches focus on the power of identity and narrative development to help you know who you are, know what’s important and meaningful to you, know who you want to be, and know how the day-to-day things that you do support and promote living a life rich with meaning, value, and import. When you do this you will Thrive, flourish, grow, prosper.

Become Thriven!

We want to help you become Thriven—living a thriving life driven by a clear, committed vision of the future. The hallmarks of Thriven Living™ are having passion-driven purpose and direction, which give rise to commitment and hence the focus and resolve to work relentlessly to disclose talent and evoke a genuine life from the deep reservoir of possibilities.

Thriven people grasp, seize, and apply their talents and callings in way that give meaning and purpose to what they do in all aspects of living, and they have strong identities that support others to new heights of commitment and success.

Live • More • Better!™ Thrive.