Three Things Happen When You Know Your Story

One: Know Your Story and Reveal Your Future
We all have an imagination of who we want to be. But often we’re not sure how to make that person, that identity, that desired future real. Your story is the key. Your story can and will open realistic pathways to being more of whom you want to be. Without it, you won’t get to be who you hope to be as quickly or fully as you imagine, or, maybe, you won’t get there at all.

When you know your story, you know what you do and why you’re doing it. Why is that important? Because you are what you do. When you know your story, you can clearly articulate how those activities found a place in your life. You’ll know the history of each thing you choose or take responsibility to do, and how and why those activities bring meaning and purpose to your life. And, importantly, you will know how what you do supports and makes possible—or hinders—your imagined future.

Two: Trust Your Story and Doors Will Open Because Your Story is Telling
Your story brings coherence and stability to your world and serves as the ground for informed choice- and decision-making. Your story articulates your identity. It relays and synthesizes your skills, your motivations, and your character and style, in service of revealing whom you’d like to be and how you’d like to be a part of a project that is larger than you, individually.

When you tell an integrated and compelling story of who you are, where you’re going, and how you got there—a believable and genuine story that lets others see the imagination and arc of your life and dreams—doors will open and opportunities will appear. Your story lets others see where you’d like to go and what you have to offer, based on what you have done and what you believe. A strong story will intersect with another person’s story, and provide a connection from which she can offer support and, most likely referral to her network and contacts.

Three: Live Your Story and Thrive!
All you have is your story. When you own it, you live better. Your story is how you embrace and make possible whom you might become. It’s how you create the life you imagine. Your story illuminates and makes real future possibilities that otherwise may remain in the dark. It makes sense of and gives perspective to the choices—good and bad—you’ve made in the past. Your story gives significance, meaning, and urgency to what you do in the present. The drama, particularity, excitement, and spark of your life shine in and through your narrative, your story. Your story allows you to stand out as you—in meaningful relation with others, exercising skills and talents, in service to your callings and passions. Through your story you will thrive and live a life rich with clarity, direction, and meaning

# # #

Your Story is Waiting.
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