Frank Lehner is an executive coach, facilitator, educator, and designer with a long-standing interest in organizational effectiveness and individual engagement in life and work. His passion has focused on practical applications of storytelling, narrative, and creativity in business, educational, and non-profit settings.

He is the founder of Naridus™ and Principal at StoryPathing™ with the intersecting missions to apply narrative, storytelling, and identity development to support leadership, transitions, and individual and professional development; promote women’s leadership; facilitate organizational change; and, most recently, guide young-adults as they make their ways through all levels of schooling to the workplace.

Frank’s creative and application-oriented work history includes, in part, seven years with the human resources pioneer Development Dimensions International. Frank served as an international publishing consultant for Xerox, where he spent time in Germany and England.

In addition to his consultative work, Frank is a longtime teacher of master’s and undergraduate classes in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement at Duquesne University, and at the University of Pittsburgh, where his courses explore the changing relationships between the individual, work organizations, and society. Frank’s teaching and facilitation style is energetic, engaging, animated, a bit unorthodox, and filled with wit and compassion.

For the past two years has been invited to conduct classes—Servant Leadership and Leader as Storyteller—for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, which is part of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative.

He has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Duquesne University.

An award-winning book designer, a published poet, folk artist, and playwright, Frank is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. with his wife and their Border Collie/Husky mix, Mssr. Bârü.