—The Six Beliefs at the Heart of Naridus’ Narrative- and Identity-Development Approaches to Living, Working, Leading, and Thriving.

  1. Individuals live in stories and when they creatively participate in these stories, they are productively and passionately engaged with their lives.
  2. A full and fulfilling Personal Narrative needs to encompass both the continuity and change in a person’s life.
  3. Individuals create Personal Narratives from a shared or unshared (as in the case of discrimination) stock of stories and beliefs common to our culture and era—a part of life that we do not choose.
  4. The drama in a Personal Narrative comes from appreciating all of life’s joys and its sadness.
  5. People want their Personal Narratives to be connected with something greater than themselves as individuals. Work is a big part of a Personal Narrative.
  6. People go to work to exercise skills they enjoy and to create an identity of which they can be proud.